Ordering Information

We kindly request all customers to go through this page carefully before ordering Xanax pills with us.

How to place an order for Xanax?

To place an order with us, you will have to select the required dosage level and then the number of pills you would wish to purchase. Once you have added the items to the cart, you will have to enter all necessary information like full name and also the real address in order to avoid any means of suspicion. The next step is to proceed to checkout and then select the payment details which are appropriate. Once we receive the order from you, we will immediately send you an e-mail with respect to the confirmation of your order within 10 minutes or 24 hours at the maximum. Your order will be then packaged and delivered to you in tactfully.

We would also like to make it clear that we don’t take ownership for undelivered packages with fake name and address. Our systems can promise you’re a guaranteed, safe, discreet delivery on time with our success delivery rate standing at 99.99%

We have listed out our current payment options below

  • E-check
  • Western Union
  • MasterCard


E-check is one of the safest payment methods out there that is also trending due to its ease of use and low processing fees. E-check is also called as an electronic check, which is a virtual version of the paper check through which the online payment is made possible by transferring money from the customer’s account over ACH to complete a transaction.

How to pay via E-checks while buying Xanax Online?

Once you have made your selection on the desired dosage and pills, you will have to place the order and then check for the payment options available. From the ones listed out, select E-check and then you will have to fill the necessary information like Bank number, routing number, account number, bank name, etc. to complete the process of Xanax purchase successfully.

Please be very careful while you fill in information about your account number and bank name. The details are generally presented at the bottom of the checks for your reference. But please be cautious since a small careless mistake could lead to problems while processing of information. Actually, the bank account number that you have hold has 8 digits number. However, the length might vary depending on your bank. Also make sure that you don’t link your savings account since this payment method doesn’t deduct money from those type of accounts It is important that you make yourself more aware on the terms and conditions of this payment method and also on the usage for a seamless experience.

Western Union

Have your ever used Western Union for your payments online? Please don’t worry if you haven’t. We are here to guide you through the process of paying for your Xanax order with us through the payment method- Western Union. With this payment method, you can process the payments in two different methods. You can either proceed with a cash payment at any of the Western Union locations or just opt to pay using a credit or debit Card.

How to pay for your order via Western Union

Payment through Western Union can be done by sending money either online or through the phone app and much more.

Online: If you wish to use online Western Union method for your payments, you can log in through your account or register one online or on a mobile app. Send money to the specified bank account by just paying amount for your order with credit or debit card. Once we receive your payment, we tend to send you the tracking number and a confirmation mail for the successfully paying through Western Union.

Phone call: It isn’t a problem if you aren’t at home and can’t process the details by yourself. You can just place your order and then our representatives will give you a call immediately to guide you through the payment process. All you require to successfully complete the process is to have a credit or a debit card with the facility to send money worldwide.


MasterCard is a very popular payment method through which most of our customers get benefitted. MasterCard is a financial intermediary service provided by a renowned financial corporation for the ease of online payments. MasterCard is accepted by almost all banks in the world and it serves to be a widely used gateway for digital transaction. But please make sure that you have enough money in your account before you choose this payment method for your purchase.

The complete procedure to pay online through a MasterCard

Once you are done with the checkout page, you will be redirected to a billing information page where you will have to enter your name and full address to which your package will be shipped and delivered. So please make sure that you have checked all the information on this page to avoid any errors.

MasterCard payment option

Once you are done with the previous step, you can see an array of options from which select the MasterCard payment option. In case you aren’t able to select this option or if you are facing some sort of trouble with this option, you can contact our representatives or email us to guide your through the process of payment.

Enter Card details and Billing Address

The card details that you have to enter is like the Card Number, Name, expiry date and the three digit security number that can be seen on the backside of the card. Also make sure that you have entered the exact billing address as in your MasterCard. Check the details once more before you proceed to click on the final step.

The payments made at our online store are 100% safe and anonymous.